is an online service that manages online viewers of a live streaming event. It was developed by a Greek company with experience in production of live streaming events, firstly for in house productions and from May 2020  open to anyone.streamhouseonline-LOGO

By using the service, you can control who is watching your event, charge for the viewing and have statistics.

The service is GDPR friendly and it is hosted in a secured enviroment. Any transaction is between the viewer and the organizer, without any fees.

How it works

You are organising an event and you would like to control your live streaming event. Control who is watching, charge for viewing, manage comments, have statistics, even choose your favoirite player.

Stage1 - Contact and write us your event details and we will open you an account.

Stage2 - By entering into your account you can:


- Edit you profile, add your bank account details, your paypal account and be ready to get paid.

- Choose which event you would like to manage (in case you have more than one)

- Events - watch your live as a viewer and choose if you want to mark it as "live now" in our front page.




- Edit your event page in two languages (Greek and English)

- Edit the title of your event the the body text

- Choose how a viewer can access the event

a) Free - The viewer must register and confirm by email

b) Activation by an admin - The viewer must register, confirm and then an administrator has to activate him.

c) Payable - The viewer has to register, confirm and pay to have access to the event. Once the administrator confirms the payment, has to activate him.



- Set the access price

- Enable/Disable “live now”

- Choose if you want to enable the display of a timer where the viewer has to check every xx minutes in order to confirm that he is still watching, else he will be logged out

- Choose and add your favoirite player source code (CDN)

- Add your google analytics source code

- Add content to a sidebard



- set time limit for statistics logging

- Enable/Disable comments

- Set the physical location of the event

Stage3 - Viewers

- The event administator can add viewers

- Choose if a specific viewer can login more that one time. This option is offered when you need multiple logins by one account in case of an in house event, or for managing proposes

- Choose which event will a viewer has access to



- View the online viewers in total number, by name and in a map.






Stage4 - Comments

- You can manage any comments the viewers may have written. You can enable/disable, delete or mark as read.

Stage5 - Statistics

- You can view and exports statistics

- By date

- All visite, per session, unique ip